Video graphic – PIXEL-MASS Image-making is a way of life for me, when I'm really  seeing the world is when I feel most awake.  My love-affair with light paired with my joy in celebrations made me fall in love with wedding  photography right away. There's nothing better than to witness and document this incredible day for a couple and their family, knowing it will be shared for generations to come.

I inherited my love of photography from my  Dad and grandpa,Video graphic – PIXEL-MASS (one of the many parallels Emily and I share) and it was a part of my life as far back as I remember. I studied photography formally at K-State and Columbia College Chicago.  It's a craft that keeps me endlessly intrigued and forever inspired.

I wanted to be an artist from the moment I was old enough to move a crayon all over my parents white walls..  I wanted to be a photographer when my Dad bought me my first camera at fourteen.  I learned from him and my Grandfather, a photographer and an artist.  Since graduating from Kansas City Art Institute and beginning my profession I’ve discovered an amazing emotional connection to people  that happens through this path; it has catapulted my work far beyond what I ever thought a wedding photographer did.  I’ve found myself to be not only an artist but a storyteller, counselor, ninja, and visionary.Video graphic

As a photographer, I am primarily self-taught whose passion  has led in the direction of Art. My background includes photography, retouching, art directing and design consultation. My clients span a wide range that includes advertisement and fashion. I believe in teamwork as opposed to the common practice of photographer working alone. I am able to organize team works which I break the boundaries of possibilities with. My work is distinguished by the ability to combine a high degree of technical proficiency with the conceptual perspective.Video graphic


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