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lighting design

Indoor round shape creative brief LED wall lamp bedroom bedside dining room hotel room corridor warm white night light lampara|creative led

professional skills
  • Leadership. Whether or not you work in a supervisory position, leadership skills can be a valuable asset in your career. …
best tools

Having a quality camera that suits your needs, a good selection of camera lenses for the type of work you will be doing, a computer to keep the small business running, and lighting and camera accessories to help produce your images is key.

4k filming

By far the biggest pro for 4K is that you get a lot more image resolution. … Plus, if your final output is smaller than 4K, you shouldn’t lose any quality since you filmed everything at the higher 4K resolution.


 using photography to express something otherwise invisible. Vision is making poetry with photographs.

science of photography

But photography can also depict things the human eye cannot see at all. Hours-long exposures taken through telescopes bring out astronomical details otherwise unseeable. Similar principals apply to some photos taken through microscopes.

People and Brands we’ve worked with

Currently working with

Suzhin FastFood

Anobani restaurant

Denja Cafe & Restaurant

Mamounia restaurant

RAM Cafe (lavasan)

KAKO catering

Ritm Food Production

Daniellee fashion brand

Hummel fashion brand

Hectaton fashion brand

Jikel Brand

Starter Max




OREZ fashion brand

Omid Gholampour & Associates

Hookah Fruits brand

NAYEB restaurant

KANKA restaurant

Avli restaurant

Lebina restaurant

parq restaurant


Shilla Fast-Food


Tahchin Bar

Geshniz restaurant

Bolkito Fast-Food

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