Color correction refers to the process where each clip of footage is altered to match a consistent standard of appearance. … That’s why color correction is important, as it will make your video look like it was all shot at the same time. Color correction is really just the first pass in a color workflow.


I use prefer to use Premiere Pro that provides professional-quality color grading and color correction tools that let you grade your footage directly on your editing timeline. These color tools are available within a Lumetri Color workspace in Premiere Pro.

I record my footage mostly with the Sony Cine profiles are gamma presets that offer more dynamic range than the standard movie profile(fourteen stops ), but slightly less than S-Log2. Sony states, Cine4: Strengthens the contrast in dark parts more than [Cine3].

The Sony A7RIII [ 42MP photo + 120fps video ] is an amazing top of the line camera. It is more than enough for professional use and has some of the most advanced features you can get on the market.
WEEBILL LAB boasts a versatile and ergonomic structure that even revolutionizes the entire appearance. You can either hold it upright or enter a handy underslung position by mounting the tripod as a handgrip. This is how we make it possible for an effortless and unique filming experience.

Color grading is how you enhance or alter the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image. It’s how videographers adjust the colors of their footage to achieve a visual mood or tone. Color grading was once called color timing, a process done manually while developing actual film.

How important is color correction?

Color correction helps by smoothing out the color from shot to shot and giving the video a more contiguous feel, allowing the viewer to focus on the story.

What is color correction technique?

Color correction is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television, cinematography, and other disciplines, which uses color gels, or filters, to alter the overall color of the light.

Why would you color correct a video?

Color correction happens first. It deals with making the image look naturalistic. This means you get the levels to a point where the white and black values balance, adjust the exposure, and boost the contrasts. It helps ensure that every clip is consistent.

What software do I use for color correction

currently, I have many years of experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro, but recently interested in DaVinci Resolve software and stars working with it.

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