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Pixel-mass is a creative graphic design studio specialized in visual identity, illustration, photography, motiongraphic and digital design.

Design solves problems. It’s all about the process of conceptualizing ideas that help codify scattered messages and make them communicate effectively.

Design adds value and great design is a product of asking the right questions that lead to a deeper understanding of the client's needs.

Keep it simple, make it memorable.

What We DO?

A wedding can be rehearsed, but the photography cannot. The most spiritual, funny, and memorable moments cannot be foreseen or planned.

We specialize in a style that captures the mood and tells the story of your wedding from start to finish.

Many photographers are able to make a documentary of any given day, but it takes a professional eye, an artistic approach, and elegance to create a story that reflects the beauty and excitement of your day.

We pay high personal attention to every couple, making sure that we follow the bride and the groom throughout the day as they prepare for the celebration.
We travel to different locations with the bride and the groom — there is no limit of the number of places that we can visit with you on your special day.

We make every image count, concentration on lighting, compositing, and especially the mood.
Our photographers do not interfere with the natural flow of events.

It is your day, and we have the experience to make everyone comfortable around the photographer, which makes people forget that he or she is there and allows catching intimate family moments in the most effective way.
The Photojournalistic approach allows us to capture the atmosphere of the whole day, creating a story rather than just recording individual images.


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